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Osmose-Pentox Inc., Pentox®  Conservat•r® Clear product
Osmose-Pentox Inc., Pentox® Conservat•r® Clear product; #1025

Conservat•r® Clear product is designed to protect and condition all species of wood from environmental degradation. Controls warping and checking. It is a clear water repellent, primer sealer wood protector, and is gloss-free when dry. Meant to be used on dry, film-free (non-painted), wood; new or seasoned wood, or pressure-treated wood. If used on pressure treated wood, it will fix the water soluble pressure-treating salts into the wood. Effective on wood that will be finished with a conventional secondary coating, such as a paint or stain.

Conservat•r® Clear product when dry, is clear and film free. The treated wood surface is then ready for staining, or painting with any conventional secondary coating, such as Pentox® Wood Stain. Another option is to leave the wood surface unfinished, this way you may reapply Conservat•r® Clear product at a later date to reinforce the treatment. Remedial treatment is especially important with thick lumber, as it seasons. Wood surface must be film free before re-applying.

Typical applications for Conservat•r® Clear product include wooden architectural structures, decks, fences, posts, stakes, shakes-n-shingles, roof decking, etc..

Always read the product label before using.

1US gallon covers approximately 200 square
feet; though this may vary with specie, porosity of wood; also dependent on the porosity of the wood, moisture content of the wood and depth of treatment desired. Apply by brush, roller or dipping. Drying time is minimum 24 hours before staining or painting.

At least two liberal applications by brush or roller should be applied to all sides of light duty lumber, such as (2x4)". Thicker lumber will require extra applications to ensure core treatment. At a later time, when the wood is in service, its protection can be refortified with more Conservat•r® Clear product. However if the wood has been stained, painted, or otherwise surface finished, it will be difficult to impossible for the Conservat•r® Clear product to penetrate into the wood. Therefore, make certain to treat your wood thoroughly and generously before finishing.