Osmose® and Pentox® Wood Preservatives and Wood Stains since 1936
Pentox® Cop-R-Nap® product
Pentox® Cop-R-Nap® product

PENTOX® COP-R-NAP® product is a liquid wood preservative solution, containing 2% copper. Used for the treatment of dry wood, green wood, or pressure treated wood. The solution is green in color (colour may vary) and skin free when dry. This preservative protects treated lumber continuously for the life of the wood. Life expectancy of treated wood is at least three to five times that of untreated wood. Will not injure plants provided that the treated wood has thoroughly dried. Wood treated with PENTOX® COP-R-NAP® product imparts a green color, which upon exposure to sun light, will lighten-up in color intensity.

Treated wood surfaces can be surface finished with conventional secondary coatings such as PENTOX® Wood Stain. Green preservative color may bleed through, therefore select a dark colored stain.

Satisfies CSA 080 P8 and P9 (4 GP 56, type II ).

3.78L / 1US gallon covers approximately 200 square feet; though this may vary with the wood species and the density of the wood; and also depends on the porosity of the wood, the moisture content of the wood and the desired depth of treatment.”