Osmose® and Pentox® Wood Preservatives and Wood Stains since 1936
A Guide For Preserving Wood & Protecting Your Woodwork
[4] Use Pentox® Conservat•r® products to control the appearance of wood - its cracking, checking, weathering. Your results will depend on how often your wood is treated, and how much sunlight blasts the wood, among other factors. Thicker wood requires more treatment than thin. Best control attained when all wood surfaces are treated; wood have been saturated; and wood is seasoned.

[5] Wood color pattern is enhanced by lighter hues of Pentox® Wood Stain. WWWeb and brochures can offer only approximations to the colors of wood samples treated with Pentox® Wood Stain. Appearance of stained wood depends on wood used, on the amount of Pentox® Wood Stain at the wood surface, on any water and dirt on the wood, color of light on the wood, color of materials adjacent to the wood, and, as well, your perception. Wait until the Pentox® Wood Stain is dry before deciding to apply more of it. Variations in wood-color pattern become obscured and wood sheen develops, with multiple applications of Pentox® Wood Stain.