Osmose® and Pentox® Wood Preservatives and Wood Stains since 1936
A Guide For Preserving Wood & Protecting Your Woodwork
[6] Use Pentox Wood Stain on dry, clean wood; and pretreat with Pentox Conservatðr product, for extended durability and appearance control. Pentox Wood Stain may be applied on a clean dry wood surface that readily absorbs Pentox Conservatðr and/or Zin-K-Nap products.

[7] Pentox Wood Stain does not fade. Its durability depends on the wood being treated and exposure to environmental attacks during service. Changes in stained wood's appearance can be caused by cracking, checking, resin, sap, dirt, and abrasion. Dense wood, as in knots, prevents stain penetration; and does not stay stained for long when exposed to the environment. Where Pentox Wood Stain is absorbed into the wood surface, it endures as part of the wood.