Osmose® and Pentox® Wood Preservatives and Wood Stains since 1936

OSMOSE® POST LIFE® product, is a refined, black, viscous,
ready to use paste.

Use for the treatment of wood in contact with the ground,
masonry, or concrete. Such as concealed wood joints,
where wood color is irrelevant; as flashing for the back sides of retaining walls, board walks, etc.

Apply OSMOSE® POST LIFE® product to posts and poles six inches above and twelve inches below the ground-line area, then wrap with a poly bandage (water-proof membrane material) to protect the treatment from the ground; this is the most prone area to deterioration.

In the case of fence posts etc., first treat the entire post with PENTOX® Green Wood Preservative product, then when dry, apply OSMOSE® POST LIFE® product to the anticipated ground-line of the post. Follow up with an impermeable membrane, by wrapping polyethylene plastic around the wood area treated with OSMOSE® POST LIFE® product.

Covers approximately 40 square feet per 1US quart.