Osmose® and Pentox® Wood Preservatives and Wood Stains since 1936
Osmose-Pentox Inc., Pentox® Wood Stain Product
Due to monitor differences and dpi limitations, color representation is approximate.

Pentox® Wood Stain Product

- is available in thirteen ready to use colors;
- contains:
                    • SOLARGUARD for UV protection;
                    • RAINSEAL for moisture repellancy;
Walnut 2208

Avocado 2247

Maple 2213

Oak 2207

Cedar 2200

Driftwood 2201

Sage 2212

Cypress 2214

Redwood 2203

Cactus 2211

Sandalwood 2202

Ebony 2209

Mahogany 2206

The color of stained wood may vary. It may vary across one piece of wood as well as between pieces. Color variation is one of the main ways by which we can distinguish real wood from wood imitations.

As per the
Pentox® Wood Stain Brochure, the color variations in wood stained with Pentox® Wood Stain are due to a number of factors. Aside from the color of the stain applied to the wood, and the amount of stain applied, the finished color of wood may vary depending on the underlying colors of the wood, and the variation in the wood’s acceptance of the Pentox® Wood Stain.

The color of the wood surface being stained will have a greater to lesser effect on the resultant finished appearance, depending on the intensity of the wood hues relative to the stain hue; and on the opacity of the stain application (finish opacity increases with amount of
Pentox® Wood Stain applied).

Wood will accept the
Pentox® Wood Stain to varying degrees, depending on the density of the wood, the distribution of moisture within the wood, and the porosity of the wood surface. 

Please read the
Pentox® Wood Stain label and the Pentox® Wood Stain Brochure for a better understanding of how to use Pentox® Wood Stain to retain and enhance some of the natural variations in color that are part of real wood.

Before staining new wood, always consider applying an
Osmose Pentox Wood Preservative, to extend the life of the wood by three to five times more then that of un-preserved wood.

Alternatively consider useing
Osmose-Pentox's Conservat•r® product on new wood, prior to staining, to dimentially stabalize the wood, thereby promoting Pentox® Wood Stain servicibility.